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Persons who make new track in wild country... 

Our mission is to be a meaningful player and an agent of change in the South African Wine Industry from the market to the soil.


We make wine that can be traced back to its roots.

We stand for the following: 




Progressive toward social change & empowerment

Innovative pioneers finding efficiencies



Building prosperity



Adama Wines is a majority black-owned wine company, that is also 30% owned by women. We are proud to form part of the Bosman Adama Group. 

Bosman Adama is a multi-ownership business situated in Wellington. 2009 Saw the culmination of a dream when 260 permanent workers of the Bosman farming community received a well-earned share in 430 hectares of prime vineyard land. It is a business born out of trust and respect and is the largest land reform transaction to date in the history of the South African Wine industry. The transaction is viewed as a leading example of successfully transforming the South African Agricultural Landscape. 


The Bosman and Adama families have been working and living together for more than 5 generations on the same land. Together they implemented an innovative, progressive and profitable business model. 

Since 2018, the Dynasty Trust ushers in a new phase in our empowerment journey as we have identified a group of passionate black women who each in their personal capacity are the beneficiaries of this trust.

The Dynasty Trust is 100% black women owned.

Adama Wines is a partnership between Bosman Adama, Apollo Investments and the Dynasty Trust. With this combination of an established historty of viticulture and wine making, experience, skills, pioneering spirit innovation and young energy, Adama Wines is perfectly positioned to be a trailblazer in the industry.



We make wine.

But it is critical for us that our wine can be traced back to its origin - the soil. Adama means “from the soil”, so we make the link between the soil and the bottled product. In this instance we regard ourselves as pioneers in the industry. We get into our client's shoes and strive to bring them exactly what they are looking for. 

We procure grapes from a number of suppliers and we are also in the process of developing our own vineyards. All our producers are WIETA and IPW accredited. We on-sell to a number of clients for bottling. 

clinic visits
sports day participants
Youth holiday programme
73 day care
35 after care
choir, karate, women's club, men's club, 
senior club, sewing classes


Bosman Adama and Adama Wines have a heart for the community and have had an amazing developmental impact on their surrounding communities through various projects. The Adama Foundation Trust, owned by the workers of Bosman Adama, was established in 2013 with the main goal of social and economic development of all farm workers, their families and the community of Bovlei in Wellington. The Trust is the sole beneficiary of all Fairtrade premiums generated on Bosman Adama Fairtrade wine sales.

The Bovlei community, consisting of roughly 3500 people, benefit from Fairtrade premiums through various initiatives. Housing is provided and maintained for beneficiaries, education is provided to children, a clinic service is providing for all health care needs, various sport and cultural activities are supported, such as karate, chess, soccer, and a choir, to name just a few. 

Children of the community has the advantage of receiving bursaries, should they want to study further, and are often also provided career opportunities on the farm. 

We are proud of the figures for the last 6 months:


Praisy Dlamini

General Manager

Verna Ross

Quality Assurance & Compliance

Natasha Williams

Wine Making Consultant

Alison Leukes

Finance Manager

Janine Goosen


Carmen MacCurrey

HR Manager

Ruth Faro


Jody-Ann Appollis





Workshop 17 - Tabakhuis

Cnr Louws & Tabak Street

Southern Paarl

Western Cape




Tel: +27 21 873 3170

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