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We are proud of our current three main
agricultural projects:

Co-ownership of Glen Rosa Farm

The first project is the acquisition of 33% of Glen Rosa Farm, together with 1800 tons of grapes from Stettyn in the vicinity of Villiersdorp. 

Nu Hoop
Long-term Grape Contract

The third project that is being undertaken is a long term loan agreement with Nu Hoop in Porterville. This involves 75 ha of vineyard and 1350 tons of grapes. 

Klipdriftskraal Long-term Lease

The second project is the long term rental of 50% of the land of HDS Farming Trust - Klipdriftskraal. A long term lease of 25 years has been agreed with the owner of the land on which it will develop the vineyards once it succeeds with a successful water license application. Adama Wines has an operational farming agreement in place for the growing of the vineyards. The goal is produce 1500 tons p.a. once the development is complete and all vineyards in full production. 50 new job opportunities will be available during the first 5 years of development. 

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